In alignment with our Code of Conduct, Full Circle Yoga will not unlawfully or unfairly discriminate or treat any person less favorably due to gender, race, ethnicity, marital status, disability, religion, sexual orientation or physical condition or other backgrounds or characteristics.

Full Circle Yoga will also not tolerate any comments or actions that criticize, encourage or incite hateful speech or ridicule a person or group of people that meet any of the above distinctions.

Full Circle Yoga is committed to ensuring that all activities are governed by the principles of equal opportunity and that equality is promoted throughout our organization.

Any breach of this policy by staff or students will be taken seriously. A breach could result in:

  • Requiring an apology from a staff member, suspension, counseling, or other disciplinary action
  • Requiring an apology, warning or dismissal of a staff member or student
  • Report any incidents that constitute an offense to the authorities

Read more about our complaints handling procedure in our Grievance Policy.

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Policy Updated September 2021