Cleanliness Protocols & Practices

Take comfort knowing that we prioritize your wellbeing by maintaining a rigorous cleaning schedule and up-leveled practices for your safety. Below are some measures we take:

  • No touch entry: You will pre-register and pay online before you arrive to class. When you arrive, the main studio doors will be propped open for you and there are no signatures required at the desk.
  • We invested in a small hand washing station, right near the check-in desk. We ask that students place their shoes in our shoe cubbies and then wash hands before approaching the desk.
  • Class sizes are capped per government specifications.
  • Daily cleanings and sanitization of both studios and practice areas.
  • Floors sanitized after every single yoga class.
  • All common knobs, handles and surfaces disinfected between classes.
  • We have suspended yoga mat rentals and usage of loaner blocks at this time.
  • No physical assists: Currently yoga assists/touch are suspended in all of our classes, for your protection against Covid19.