Cleanliness Protocols & Practices

Take comfort knowing that we prioritize your wellbeing by maintaining a rigorous cleaning schedule and up-leveled practices for your safety. Below are some measures we take:

  • No touch entry: Please pre-register and pay online before you arrive to class for no-touch entry and to limit your time in the lobby. When you arrive, the main studio doors will be propped open for you and there are no signatures required at the desk.
  • Masks for entry & exit: Students are required by Orange County to wear a mask in the lobby before and after class. Masks are not required for exercise/during yoga practice.
  • Once arriving: All students take off shoes and sanitize hands before approaching the desk to check-in.
  • Social distancing: Mats are spaced for 6 feet social distancing. Please also practice social distancing while in our lobby and outside of our studio.
  • Cleanings: The entire studio and practice area are professionally cleaned daily. In between scheduled classes, the floor and all common surfaces are sanitized. Every other day, the studio is treated with an electrostatic disinfectant.
  • Bring your own props: We have suspended yoga mat rentals and usage of loaner blocks at this time. We do have props for sale.
  • No physical assists: Currently yoga assists/touch are suspended in all of our classes, for your protection against Covid19.
  • Air Purification: An Air Purifier unit with UltraHEPA, Carbon & VOC Filters. unit appropriate for size of our studio B was placed in that studio. We also utilize our windows and multiple ceiling fans after the peak of the practice.
  • Yoga Instructor Contracts: All instructors have signed a contract committing to practicing social distancing and wearing masks as mandated by the government in and outside of the studio. Frequent communication and reminders are given to our staff regarding Full Circle Yoga’s cleaning protocols and guidelines.