Full Circle Yoga is committed to ensuring a safe and clean environment for student growth, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Full Circle Yoga recognizes that the teaching profession comes with considerable responsibility and so has established both an Ethics Statement and this Code of Conduct as guidance for teachers and staff.

Full Circle Yoga Staff members are to:

  • Create and maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment
  • Maintain professionalism and courtesy during interactions and business transactions.
  • Welcoming and respecting all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, gender, creed, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. See Equal Rights Policy
  • Follow government and national laws for the yoga industry, health and safety requirements
  • Stay current and informed on the developments in yoga through professional development
  • Establish or revise necessary procedures and integrate new or relevant information into yoga teaching and the business of yoga
  • Represent qualifications, experience truthfully by:
    • Instructing only in areas of expertise
    • Not exaggerating qualifications or expertise
    • Referring students with needs outside of expertise
    • Routinely asking management, peers and students for feedback on instruction.
    • Respecting copyrights and giving appropriate acknowledgment to sources whether another instructor or an author
  • Maintaining confidentiality of student information by:
    • Keeping student records secure
    • Not sharing any personal information unless permitted by the student
  • Conducting financial matters according to recognized and standard accounting procedures by:
    • Setting and charging fees based on market value
    • Appropriately reporting earnings according to taxation laws
  • Maintaining appropriate respect and relationship boundaries by:
    • Respect of each student’s belief system
    • Respecting the rights, dignity and privacy of all students
    • Avoiding verbiage or actions constituting sexual harassment (see Anti Harassment Policy)
    • Initiate counseling and/or communication with management to discuss any teacher/student conflict or issues
    • Exercise extreme caution before entering into teacher/student relationships whether business, sexual or close personal relationships
  • Lead by example by:
    • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
    • Avoiding personal complaints, negativity or gossip at the studio
    • Maintaining a personal yoga practice
    • Aspiring to embody principles of yoga
    • Refraining from all forms of discrimination and harassment

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Policy Updated September 2021