What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient and refined system for bettering your overall health—both physical and mental health. By connecting breath with movement, the mind and body are involved in the practice, which can create a deep effect on the entire psychophysical structure.

Is Yoga a work-out?

Yes. Yoga can provide you with both cardiovascular and strength building benefits in addition to stress relief and countless other mind-body benefits. Yoga can be very light exercise, or it can be vigorous—and you can work up quite a sweat! Most of the classes on our schedule are active/vigorous (please read our class descriptions).

What if I am not flexible?

Do not worry! Come as you are:) Yoga is not for flexible people, it is for all people—of all body types, all ages, and all levels. Our bodies were meant to move, so with consistency, it will not be long before you notice how well your body is responding to your yoga practice.

How often do I need to do Yoga to benefit?

Everyone is different, so it depends on your lifestyle and goals. As with any activity or goal that you hope to make strides with, shoot for consistency, the more often, the greater the benefits. Three or more times a week is recommended for optimal results.

Which class should I take?

Choosing the right classes early on in your yoga adventure is key to discovering benefits from yoga. Except for Yin Yoga, all of our classes include some degree of vigor, and the majority of our classes will make you sweat. We offer a wide range of classes so you can get what you need on any given day from your yoga. Keep in mind there will be options in all of our classes to modify poses, use props, and also to take further variations of postures.

Below is a snapshot of what we offer in terms of the level of vigor. If the class does not indicate “warm” or “hot,” then the room is not heated. For more complete descriptions of the class types, please see our Classes page.

Most Basic/Foundational Class, Light Vigor (no experience needed)
Yoga Basics

Beginner-Friendly, Moderate Vigor (no yoga experience needed)
Flow 1
Hot Beginner

Multi-Level, Dynamic & Vigorous (some yoga experience or other conditioning helpful, but not required)
Hot Flow
Flow 1-2
Yin Yang
Warm Core Flow

Vigorous, More Advanced Postures Offered (yoga experience recommended)
Hot Power Flow
Hot Power Hour
Warm Power Hour

Most Relaxing, Deep Seated, Long-held Postures, Not Vigorous
Yin Yoga

Specialty Classes
Mommy & Baby Yoga (until the baby is crawling)
Pre-natal Yoga (for all stages of pregnancy)

Which package should I buy?

If you are brand-new, the 3-Class Introductory is the best place to start. It’s only $25 and just needs to be used within 30 days. You can take any classes on our schedule to get a feel for what we offer. Click here to buy.

After that, depending on how often you plan to come, there are several options. If you are coming fewer than three times a week, then the 10-class package or 20-class package (longer expiration, great for sharing) is best for you. If you are ready to reap amazing, lasting benefits of yoga and commit to showing up three or more times a week, then the Monthly Unlimited, $99 Auto Pay Membership is the way to go. You can see all of our class options on our rates page.

Can I register and pay online?

Yes. You have the option to sign up for a class by visiting our online schedule and clicking “Sign Up Now.” Then simply follow the steps to register and pay. This will save you some time at the desk, as you will not have to pay when you arrive. All you will need to do is sign your name on the clipboard. Expiration dates for class packages are dated from the time that the first class is used (not the time of the purchase). FYI: If your plans change, you can early cancel by logging into your account and canceling your reservation. 

Do I need to pre-register for classes?

It is an option to do so, and it gives us an indication that you are on your way. Pre-registering saves all students time at the desk. You also have the option to pay at the desk when you arrive to the class you wish to take. Please allow 10 minutes to pay and get settled on your mat.

Please be advised that we do not guarantee entrance into the class after the start time of class. Usually, but not always, we might have a desk assistant for the class you are taking who can quietly find a spot for you if you arrive a couple of minutes after the start of the class. After five minutes, the doors will lock, and it is too late to enter the class for both safety and quality of experience.  

If you pre registered for a class and do not attend, and there is a waitlist for that class, you will be charged for the class, unless you cancel early.