Aren’t you afraid of competition?

c northcote warrior 2Note From FCY Owner, Christine Northcote:

Knowing that Full Circle Yoga runs an annual (and popular!) yoga teacher training, many people in the local yogasphere have asked me, “Do you ever worry that training all those new yoga teachers is creating competition for you?”

My line of thought is the same as when I am practicing on my mat ~ I focus on what I want to happen. I focus on having an impact on the future of yoga, expanding the reach of yoga to more people that need it, and helping new teachers find out  who they are as a teacher, to find their own unique, awesome-ness as a yoga guide.

Has it ever crossed my mind that we are training teachers that could potentially open a studio down the street? Sure. Do I worry? No. This is because our training truly helps each trainee bring out their personal best, which is completely different from my personal best, or yours… so there is a niche for every teacher to find. We are not teaching the same cookie cutter class and sending people out there with a script. We spend nine awesome months together growing and sharing – we are a family of support, not a competition.

I have also experienced that it’s not your family of support that will try to be your “competition,” but typically someone that doesn’t follow the principles we teach in our training. We teach new instructors to try to create opportunities where they do not already exist, to follow the “yamas” that we study. Yama has to do with ethics, integrity and how we practice yoga off our mat; non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-hoarding.

And thus, we are not sending a replication of “Full Circle Yoga” out there to teach after graduation, we are sending individuals. The 200-hour program just scrapes the surface of what you need to know as a teacher. It’s at the end of our program, when you know enough to get started, then the work really begins.

“We can teach from experience, but we cannot teach experience.” – Sasha Azevedo

I’d like to congratulate the recent graduates of our 2014 program. See this awesome group, below.

I also welcome inquiries for our upcoming 2015 training, as registration has just begun. All applicants must meet with me personally and complete an application. See our Teacher Training page for more info.

Love and Namaste,

Christine Northcote